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Since this is your first journal, I'm not going to go hard on you ;)

The use of wood is really great. Dark wood and a lighter font fit well together and readability is proper. Although the welcome text should have some more line spacing because it's too close comparing to the other text.

I really like how you managed to fit that info box in the upper right corner which makes it stand out with the lighter background.

Links at the top look really subtle, they don't drag much attention and they don't distract the reader from the content.

I love the hover effect on "Artists That Inspire Me". I'm glad that you've used it.

Social links at the bottom are nice but there is an empty space in the middle. Something should be there, maybe a couple of features. That would be nice.

I'm a sucker for rounded corners, you should have used the border-radius property set to 5px on the body. Trust me, it'll look much better since all of dA's boxes are rounded.

Anyway, that's nice for the first try. I'm looking forward to v2 of this journal :)
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iKillDesigns Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
Thank you for your kind words and helpful critiqueing, as I strive to improve.
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